MicroVAX 3100 Problem

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Sun Jul 11 12:13:19 1999

>Yes to both. Its is as you suspect a TZ30 drive using TK50 tapes. It is
>likely that Allison is correct that the tape mmount has failed because I
>do not remember any activity noises from the drive after the initial tape
>load, I am not familiar enough with the drive to know whether the initial
>'whirrings' sounded right or not.

You'll be 'glad' to know the TZ30 is very informative at this point.

According to the manual you've got a drive problem.

Question, do you still have the tape in the drive? If so can you eject it?
If you try to eject it, and it doesn't want to come out of the drive don't
force it.

If you've got the tape out of the drive check the takeup leader that Tim
mentioned yesterday. The most common problem I've seen with drives that
use this style tape is sucking in the leader. The leader looks something
like this:

-----------------------\ |\
                        \----------| \
                        /----------| /
-----------------------/ |/

Note this is a really horrible representation, but should give you the
basic idea.

For a better idea, I just scanned in a good leader, you can find it at the
following URL ftp://zane.brouhaha.com/pub/ as TK50-Leader.gif.

If you can't get the tape out of the drive, OR if you don't see the leader
you need to pull the drive out of the system. Once you have the drive out,
you'll need to either put the leader back in place, or carefully remove the

If you need to remove the tape, I can offer some more advice.

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