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Date: Sun Jul 11 20:40:20 1999

> o An ABLE corp QNIverter
>This last one is really interesting as I got to thinking about
>whether there was a disk (either from DEC or some third party)
>which ran on Qbus and looked like something supported by a
>I think RM03s are supported by the KS10, and I *think* I have
>an RM03-look-similar somewhere in my apartment (warehouse).
>If this is true (and if I can find the controller), I might just
>be able to get a less-power-hungry -10 system going in the
>near future.
>Can anyone help with information of what is available?

The Qniverter won't help you with this. The RH11 in your KS10 uses
the Unibus in an 18-bit wide mode (see the Unibus handbook for details
on how the parity bits are chosen to do this), but there are no corresponding
signals on the Q-bus. The Qniverter therefore generates two parity
bits based on the Q-bus 16-bit-wide data bus and subs these in on the
Unibus side.

No 3rd-party Unibus RH11-emulating controller that I ever met does
18-bit-wide data, either.

If you're really serious about using your KS10, there are several
companies (SETASI, in particular) with off-the-shelf Massbus replacement
drive systems. Other companies (like Wilson Labs) make SCSI-to-Massbus
converters. These, IMHO, are the solutions you should be looking at if
you've decided that you don't want RM's and RP's in your computer room
I know several folks running KS10's at home, in one case *two* KS10's
with 4 big Massbus disks and two TU77's. I *did* warn you that you wanted
3-phase power run in before you got your KS10, didn't I ? :-)

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