BASIC and the KIM-1

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>> That would be cool (though a commented disassembly would be even better,
>> if that's available from anyone). I'm really particularly interested in
>> *any* small BASIC implementation on the 6502 (Commodore BASIC doesn't
>> count -- *you* try wading through 16K of uncommented disassembly ;-).
> Appendix F of "PET/CBM Personal Computer Guide" by Adam Osborne/Carroll S
> Donahue consists of about 40 pages of lists of entry points and
> addresses/labels for routines in the BASIC ROMs. It's not a disassembly,
> but it would be great help to anyone trying to interpret one.

IMHO the best guide to PET internals is "Programming the PET/CBM" by Raeto West.
Pages and pages of guide to the ROMs (though no commented disassembly, I'm
afraid), comparing different versions, and explaining the bugs in early

ISTR the PET has 14K (on early PETS, 7 * 2K byte chips) of ROM (except for 4000
series and later) of which roughly 8K is BASIC and 6K is Kernal. In PETs with 4
* 4K chips, the remaining 2K is permanently paged out to make room for I/O

And not all that 8K is machine code - you've got tables of reserved words and
addresses and things too.


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