Daisy computer ?????????

From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Mon Jul 12 13:35:24 1999


At 09:13 AM 7/12/99 -0700, you wrote:
>On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Joe wrote:
>> >As far as the cables, could they be 50-pin scsi cables?
>> They might be but I *thought* they were larger. They are shielded so
>> maybe they just looked that way. They're LONG and seem to be made to go to
>> something outside of the cabinet.
>Aha...female edge connectors? That would make sense if the systems are
>similar; my Cadnetix system has long, shielded, external cables for a
>Pertec-interface tape drive.

   I think they were card edge connectors but I didn't pay attention to them.
>> Mine has an
>> >Adaptec scsi card and two enormous HD's in it (I think 10 meg apiece).
>> It has a large card mounted next to the hard drive. The card looks like
>> it converts SCSI to MFM for the hard drive and an interface for the 8"
>> floppy drive. There is a FH 5 1/4" hard drive in it that appears to have a
>> MFM interface. No idea what size drive it is.
>Hmmm. I forget, where are you located? From the dimensions you described,
>and from my experience with my Cadnetix unit (similar size), I'd guess the
>weight of the cabinet to be between 75 and 100 lbs (i.e. cost-prohibitive
>to ship). Otherwise, I'd be really interested to see how close the systems
>were before the companies merged...

   I'm in Orlando Florida. You'd probably have to ship it by truck. I
don't think it would cost too much. I think you're right about the weight.
>As far as peripherals, I can only tell you how my system is set up: the
>monitor has a long ribbon cable that connects to the rear of the cpu
>cabinet. The keyboard has a modular plug which connects to the monitor,
>and the mouse-systems mouse (identical to Sun3) plugs into the keyboard.
>With mine, I also got a couple of hundred feet of thick-coax ethernet
>cable and a Sperry 286 workstation with a high-end graphics card, optical
>mouse, and 20meg HD. Someday maybe I'll have the time and energy to get it
>working again, hopefully before the components turn to dust...

  Hmmm, I didn't see the peripherals but if you you wnat them and can give
me a good description then I may be able to find them.

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