Daisy computer ?????????

From: Aaron Christopher Finney <af-list_at_lafleur.wfi-inc.com>
Date: Mon Jul 12 11:25:57 1999

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> If it has a sun-2 multibus compatable ram card bigger than 1 Meg, I could
> use that. I'm still interested in getting my Sun 1/100u running
> an old version of SunOS, but the machine only has 2 slots for ram
> cards, and all I have are 1 Meg cards.

I'm not *totally* against cannibalizing machines for donor parts, but in
this case...

I guess it depends how much weight you give to the rarity factor when you
calculate the value/collectability of old machines, but Cadnetix and older
Daisy CAD stations are virtually extinct. I've spent about two years
trying, unsuccessfully, to find *any* other information about the one I
have. I finally tracked down one of the original engineers, a Mr. Wolfgang
Moritz, who was trying (again unsuccessfully) to put me in touch with some
of the people involved in the design of the system I own. I consider the
system I have, non-operational and all, to be the most interesting system
I own simply for the fact that it is the only one I've ever seen or even
heard about!

As someone just pointed out, these machines were really the pinacle of CAD
technology at the time of their release. Within the paperwork I got with
mine are several invoices for the original lease; the system cost tens of
thousands of dollars in the mid 80's. I'm not sure if you could get it to
do anything without a monitor/kbd/etc, but I think it's worth a few
dollars and the trouble to haul it home simply for the history and rarity
of the machine.

Just my .02,

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