Radio Shack Model III

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 12 08:49:57 1999

On 11 Jul 99 at 18:11, Marvin wrote:

> I fired up a Radio Shack Model III that I got at the bazaar, and it seems to
> work quite well. It uses TRS-DOS 1.3 and when I tried to log onto drive 1, I
> got error messages although I could do a dir :1 with no problems. When I put
> the disk in drive 0, I could do a directory, but again, couldn't run the
> program. Anything not so obvious (at least to me) about running other
> programs on the Model III? I also tried a game disk with Joust and a few
> others, but again, the only result was an error message. Thanks.

 There's a guy that has put up a site with the TRS m.1-4 manuals. The URL for
the Model 2 is but I've been
unable to find my way back to his home page. It gives me an unauthorized if I
just truncate the URL. A search on Deja in the comp.sys.tandy should find it.
IIRC it was in the last 2 months. He requests that you don't download during
the day as they are very large files in PDF format.

ciao larry

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