MicroVAX 3100 Problem

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Mon Jul 12 12:09:42 1999

FWIW, I just did this with a TK50 for a guy who offered me the drive for
free if I would return him the tape that was in it.

I took off the gold cover and sure enough there was some tape wrapped
around the takeup reel (not too much but probably about 10').

I operated the tape release (which on the TK50 was on the right hand side
looking from the front) but pressing it back toward the back of the case.
This allowed me to remove the cartridge and then to pull off the tape.
After unwinding the tape I mistakenly disconnected the take up catcher from
the spool (which then promptly detatched itself from the tape and fell on
the table.) I reattached it to the spool.

Rewinding the tape into the cartridge appears to be either impossible or
extremely difficult without some sort of jig. In particular there are _two_
reel locks that have to be disengaged before the reel will turn in the
cartridge. So I carefully disassembled the cartridge (four screws) and
manually rewound the tape (as I said it wasn't all that long) and then
after several attempts got the cartridge reassembled. The loop leader is
still sticking out slightly.

This drive had the mode of pressing the load button and it would flash and
then stop flashing but nothing would happen.

Some questions for TK50 folks...
        1) Can you operate a TK50 when it is _only_ connected to power?
        2) Which is load, button pressed or button out?
        3) What are the status modes on the light?


At 06:38 PM 7/12/99 +0100, you wrote:
>| >The tape is in the drive and as I said, the unload button ignores me and I
>| >>can't eject the tape so I suppose I will have to take it to bits?
>| >
>| Um, at this poing I'm forced to ask something that is probably quite
>| stupid. You do realize that the little lever on the bottom is what
>| actually kicks the tape out of the drive.
>Yes, I assume one is supposed to press the 'unload' button and then wait for
>the 'Operate Lever' light to come on before ejecting the tape. In this case
>the lighs stop flashing for a few seconds and then start flashing again.
>The lever appears to be locked.
>| In any case your next step is to carefully remove the drive from the
>| machine, even with the cover on top of the tape drive itself I believe
>| you'll be able to see if the tape is wound around the takeup reel.
>I will do that and let you know what happens. Thank you for your help.
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