Can anyone ID these SEMI chips?

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Date: Tue Jul 13 07:36:33 1999

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> I had one in my possession back in the days when it might have been of use,
> but since it wasn't at that moment, I didn't pursue it. It's not the SRAM I
> wanted that week, but I remember it was an odd DRAM or shift register or
> some such. 22 pins was not a popular package.

It's a 22 pin 4kx1 three voltage pseudostatic ram, that for it's time was
faster that many and lower power too.

The pseudo static part is that the address decode is triggered off the CE/
signal while the memory cell was a static one. The end result less power
used in the address decode logic and didn't require refresh. Harris had
a series (6503, 04, 14) in 3-5V cmos that were also pseudo static.

I have a bunch of the NEC D410 parts that are similar save for the read
access time was 85ns, cycle time 210ns, not at all bad in 1978!

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