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Date: Tue Jul 13 08:10:24 1999

The John Bell 6502 board used to be advertised in the back pages of pre-1980
Byte magazines, along with a selection of other JB cards. I seem to recall
the 6502 card was minimal-chip system essentially aimed at "embedded
processor" type applications. So I don't think it came with a preprogrammed
EPROM; you were expected to develop your own firmware for it. They had
another bare board for a video display terminal based on an Intel 8085
(basically an implementation of the circuit in an Intel application note)
and they also sold some low-cost interface cards for Apple II parallel
interfacing using the 6522 VIA chips that were then popular in Commodore
Pets. I remember building a couple of those JB interfaces for lab
experiments. I wonder who "John Bell" was and whatever happened to him?

Arlen Michaels

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> Another board that I picked up is a John Bell Engineering 6502
> Microcomputer. At this point, I don't know if it works, and a couple of
> the
> chips are missing including the EPROM. I have the docs for the 2716 EPROM
> programmer, but didn't find the board.

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