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From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 21:54:08 1999

At 12:57 PM 7/13/99 -0700, Mike wrote:

>BTW keep in mind for an extra $15 or so you can request a photoCD when you
>develope most rolls of film, or just scan prints yourself.

   That's true but it's great to ber able to take a picture and then
immediately be able to use it on a computer without having to wait to
finish the roll of film and then wait some more for developing. Also I go
to a lot of auctions and sometimes it's hard to remember what was in all
the different lots. With a digital camera you can take pictures as you go
around and then view them on the camera during the bidding to remind you of
what was in each lot. BTW some of the Sony Mavicas will also record and
play back sound so you can also record comments and refer to them later
too. Some Mavicas will also record a minute of full motion video and sound
on a disk. That may be usefull to some people but that hasn't been
important to me.

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