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Date: Tue Jul 13 21:05:14 1999

I agree, the sony mavica is a great camera for $500! the built-in floppy
drive makes it so convenient to save files and the picture quality is really
good. my brother had one and used it to take pictures for my computer
collection site.

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> Lawrence,
> I've been using a Sony Mavica 81 and I LOVE it! I has 1024 x 768
> resolution and a 3X **** Optical***** zoom. Many of the cameras out there
> use a digital zoom That just blows up a portion of your image and you get
> a bigger picture but lower resolution. A digital zoom is worthless IMHO.
> I've been able to focus in on lots of circuit boards and the like with the
> Sony without having a Macro capability. Take a look at
> "". There are links there to
> several pictures that I took with the Sony. This were just a quick and
> dirty web page for a friend of mine to advertise his stuff and I didn't
> take much care to get the best possible picture. Also you should be aware
> that ALL the current cameras except the Sonys require Windozes 95 or 98
> just to download your pictures to a PC. The Sonys use 3.5" floppy disk in
> the camera and save the pictures as standard JPEG files.
> Joe
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