digital cameras

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 11:07:56 1999

> How important is high resolution? Is a 640x480 camera with 10X
> zoom much more useful than a 1280x960 with 3X zoom and
> no macro focusing?

> I'm really only interested in photographing computers and circuit boards,
> I assume anything that can handle that to my satisfaction will be able
> to handle the occasional photo of my niece and nephews, etc.

I'm using an Camedia 810, but basicly there are 4 ways:

a) using a consumer range digital camera (up to 1024x800)
   Pro: - easy to use, _real_fast_ 'klick' to disk turn around
          time (neat when designing a web site)
        - acceptabe quality for identification process
   Con: - medium to high investment for the camera
        - Quality to low to magnify details and or identify
          details (Source picture resolution is already to low)
        - fixed lenses, no exchange possible

b) using a professional digital camera
   Pro: - easy to use, _real_fast_ 'klick' to disk turn around
          time (neat when designing a web site)
        - High quality pictures, thus a source for different usages
        - Exchangable lenses with standard connectors
   Con: - prohibitive price range - I prefer to buy more old
          computers instead.

c) using an ordinary camera and scanning the prints.
   Pro: - Cheapest solution (imidiate or in mid range if
          a scanner has to be purchased)
        - Resolution at least as good as with an customer range
          digital camera
   Con: - No short turn around cycle - you'll have to wait
          for the prints and scan them
        - most work (you'll have to scan them)

d) using an ordinary camera and the picture disk service
   Pro: - Cheap
        - reliable scanning quality
        _ _high_ resolution scans (comperable or better
          than a digital pro-camera)
        - pictures already on a reliable, durable and
          fileable storage media
   Con: - No short turn around cycle

Each of this solutions can be optimal, as always, it's what
you want, and how you like it. Digital cameras offer you the
McDonalds feeling - go in, order, eat your meat - just the
tast is a little bit different from lets say Outback.

Consumer level digital cameras (up to 1000 USD) are not
very usefull if you like to have a certain level, while
pro cameras (>5000 USD) are way to expansive.

Pick your choice.


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