digital cameras

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Tue Jul 13 14:26:42 1999

I've been seriously considering buying a digital camera for some time now.
I assume others on this list already have these in order to photograph
some of their computer items, so i thought I would ask which features
are most important. And which features you really wish you'd spent extra
money for.

It seems to me that a macro-focusing feature, which allows you to
manually focus at very close range would be very useful. Or can
you get by with a 3X optical zoom in order to get detailed shots
of computer boards, or the insides of a computer, etc?

How important is high resolution? Is a 640x480 camera with 10X
zoom much more useful than a 1280x960 with 3X zoom and
no macro focusing?

I'm really only interested in photographing computers and circuit boards,
I assume anything that can handle that to my satisfaction will be able
to handle the occasional photo of my niece and nephews, etc.

-Lawrence LeMay
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