digital cameras

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 12:13:45 1999

> > c) using an ordinary camera and scanning the prints.
> > Pro: - Cheapest solution (imidiate or in mid range if
> > a scanner has to be purchased)
> > - Resolution at least as good as with an customer range
> > digital camera
> > Con: - No short turn around cycle - you'll have to wait
> > for the prints and scan them
> > - most work (you'll have to scan them)

> E) do as in D but use a polaroid camara for the prints.

Good idea - I didn't think about Polaroid.
Has anybody ever tried to scan a colcour Polaroid
picture ? I suspect it might be problematic due
the glosy film on top of the picture. (Sorry, I
don't have a Polaroid camera).

So e) would be like c), but the klick to file time
is way shorter (almost as an digital camera), with
a high quality resolution, but higher cost per picture
on the long run.


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