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From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 12:36:21 1999

> > > c) using an ordinary camera and scanning the prints.
> > > Pro: - Cheapest solution (imidiate or in mid range if
> > > a scanner has to be purchased)
> > > - Resolution at least as good as with an customer range
> > > digital camera
> > > Con: - No short turn around cycle - you'll have to wait
> > > for the prints and scan them
> > > - most work (you'll have to scan them)
> > E) do as in D but use a polaroid camara for the prints.
> Good idea - I didn't think about Polaroid.
> Has anybody ever tried to scan a colcour Polaroid
> picture ? I suspect it might be problematic due
> the glosy film on top of the picture. (Sorry, I
> don't have a Polaroid camera).

Polaroids dont work. The image ends up being streaky due to the development
process, and scanning the picture just brings up all the imperfections.
The colors are often poor, and often vary across teh picture as well.And
this was using a polariod camera with all sorts of options, the thing cost
almost $250 a few years ago, it has a LCD panel, etc, etc. Plus you cant
zoom in, or get close enough to get a large image without ending up
with a blurry photograph (my camera has a sonar device for adjusting focus
as close as 2 feet).

-Lawrence LeMay
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