Data General/NeXT/Philips

From: William Donzelli <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 12:55:01 1999

> I feared this might be the case, I've never actually come across a DG machine
> of any kind here in the UK during the 12 years or so that I've been collecting.

I do not know if Data General had a big base in the UK. Probably not.

> Roughly how big are they?

I have a couple of machines, no racks, but they are buried so here are

I would say a Nova 4 is 6U or 7U tall, rack mounted (of course), and
maybe about 70 pounds. A "standard" 16-bit Eclipse (S/130, S/200, S/230)
is about the same size, but I think a little lighter. Data General made
their machines lean - most everything fits on (rather large) single cards.
> BTW Do you know of any sites on the web where I could get some information on
> DG machines?

Look for Carl Friend's Minicomputer Museum on the Web. It is THE place to

William Donzelli
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