Landed me a great machine

From: Dave McGuire <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 13:09:59 1999

On Wed, 14 Jul 1999, Ram Meenakshisundaram wrote:
>I just got myself a really cool machine. It is a Parsytec Xplorer.
>It contains 16 T805-30Mhz transputers with 4Megs of memory
>for each node. This is something to gloat about! I am planning
>on running PVM, MPI, COSY, and PARIX on this baby.


  Since I doubt you'd be interested in letting that go, does anyone here know
where one might find some [any] transputer-based hardware? Even one of those
MicroWay ISA cards would make me very happy.

              -Dave McGuire
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