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From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Jul 14 16:23:09 1999

well, for anyone interested:

i came across a nice web-site with a bunch of old computers. The owner, John Davin
(anyone know this guy?) is selling all of his stuff. He, too, has a
grey(off-white?) Tek31 on there. Also on his list are a big blue Intel computer
(no name on site) some old Heathkit items and many others (about 85 total). his
site is here:

Its a pretty interesting site, not too much information about the computers but
nice pictures.


Hans Franke wrote:

> > [thread in regard to Joe's Esco 31, aka TEK 31]
> > >>Joe:
> > >>Whatta score, guy! Those are pretty rare,
> > > You're telling me! That was the find of the summer! :-)
> > >I don't think I've
> > >>ever actually seen on of these . . .
> > > Me either. AFIK only Rick Bensene and one other guy have one. AFIK
> > >they're EXTREMELY rare.
> > I'm that 'other guy' :)
> It seems that you are 'the other guy' on a lot of realy
> nice stuff (BTW: Servus Christian).
> > The speculation that these are 'extremely' rare
> > could be right on the money but until we beat the bushes enough to know for
> > sure I defer use of that modifier 'EXTREMELY' to the background. My sense
> > is that this type of tool was not used by the 'normal' high end scientific
> > calculator user, except maybe occasionally in a university math/science
> > department, but rather by folks who needed a machine/test station
> > controller with fancy calculating ability. Other high end electronic
> > calculators typically from HP, Olivetti, Friden, Wang, etc. were more
> > popular it seems. I would imagine not a whole heap of TEK 31's were sold
> > (cost vs. utility?) and those that were may have been scrapped with the
> > equipment they were built into or otherwise attached to. Or else something
> > broke on them (tape drive my first guess.)
> Sounds reasonable, as always, rare is relative - I assume,
> for most devices, only those who have been manufactured only
> within less than 500 pcs are realy rare - or a find with any
> old stuff originaly packed :)
> > I have only one tape which came with the unit.
> > Anyway, I would be interested in getting one
> > or more extra tapes for my unit as the one I've got looks rather 'well used'.
> As Sellam already said - if there are duplicates within
> our box, or empty tapes, they are available for trade.
> In fact I have no idea whats on (it looks like some kind
> of audio analysis stuff), but I just don't want to loose
> any one of the programms.
> And for the ride to VCF, why don't you east coast guys
> join and buy some kind of group ticket for plane or
> Amtrak ? Or jut rent a Van ? 3 days driving (lets make
> this 5 days, including some dumpsters to dive :), great
> talks _and_ enough space for the 'small' findings at VCF...
> Servus
> Hans
> BTW: Sallam, did you pick up the other EQ ?
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