TEK 31 was: Re: New toy!!!

From: Lawrence LeMay <lemay_at_cs.umn.edu>
Date: Wed Jul 14 18:54:47 1999

> i came across a nice web-site with a bunch of old computers. The owner,
> John Davin (anyone know this guy?) is selling all of his stuff. He,
> too, has a grey(off-white?) Tek31 on there. Also on his list are a big
> blue Intel computer (no name on site) some old Heathkit items and many
> others (about 85 total). his site is here:
> Its a pretty interesting site, not too much information about the
> computers but nice pictures.

Yep. But his absurd claims of 'first this, and first that' are sure
annoying. "First modem" indeed, prototype modem indeed... Or first
computer after the first one type arguments.. I bet this guy could make
a Mac Plus sound like it was the first computer Apple ever made...

-Lawrence LeMay
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