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From: Aaron Christopher Finney <>
Date: Wed Jul 14 17:37:14 1999

For those here with nothing to do, Bender Photo ( has
medium-format field camera and pinhole camera kits. A 4x5 kit is around
$300. The nice thing about building it is that you can make modifications
to it for supporting other film types (or electronic devices) during

I haven't built one myself yet; I have a 4x5 rig that I got from a
retiring mentor which I have used quite a bit. Since this is about
photographing classic computer pieces (which I haven't used it for yet),
I'll point out that one of the great things about using a billows camera
is that you have precise control over the alignment of the lensboard and
film-plane...good for taking square, precise images of boards and whatnot.
I've used mine for photographing artwork (same idea, you want accurate
representation of the angles) with great success.

And on the digital camera topic, can anyone recommend a make/model of
digital back for a 4x5? I've been following with interest, since I've been
wanting to buy a digital camera for a while. I'd much rather get a back
for the good-quality camera I have than spend $500 on a point-and-shoot
model. Maybe I'd finally be able to afford to actually use the thing once
in a while...


On Wed, 14 Jul 1999 wrote:

> > Are there any
> > polaroids out there with interchangeable lenses ?
> Not in their current lineup.
> > If not, one of the mayor advantages from using
> > 35mm cameras is cone.
> Of course, if you're using a camera better than a 35mm
> (say, a Medium Format or Large Format camera) you just put
> a polaroid back on your camera and you're there.
> At least here in the US, if you check out the swap meets and
> flea markets it's easy to find an older 4x5 Crown Graphic with
> good quality lens and 4x5 polaroid back for a few hundred $.
> I got mine with a 127mm Ektar, a truly excellent lens from the
> late 40's.
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