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>> And on the digital camera topic, can anyone recommend a make/model of
>> digital back for a 4x5? I've been following with interest, since I've been

>I've not looked into the price of digital backs, but I did once (about 8
>years ago) price some _large_ CCDs. The prices were (IIRC) many 10's of
>thousands of pounds. OK, so those were high-speed multiple port devices,
>I doubt you'll get a 5*4 CCD for the sort of price any of us could afford
>:-(. I would love to be proved wrong, BTW.

Prices are still high, but it's entirely possible to rent a 4x5 CCD back
from a professional camera shop for a reasonable amount. Of course,
you get almost instant feedback about detailed camera movements, so
this sort of setup is extremely popular among advertising/product

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