TEK 31 was: Re: New toy!!!

From: bluoval <bluoval_at_mindspring.com>
Date: Wed Jul 14 19:09:00 1999

I contacted him about buying a few of his computers, he said he wants to sell
them all at once. He also said that he had a buyer but the deal fell
through. He, in my opinion, was asking way too much for his collection. But
i don't know too much about the older computers he has, as most of you know,
but i think you will all agree that about $25k is a bit much.

Anyone know what the blue Intel computer is?


Lawrence LeMay wrote:

> >
> > i came across a nice web-site with a bunch of old computers. The owner,
> > John Davin (anyone know this guy?) is selling all of his stuff. He,
> > too, has a grey(off-white?) Tek31 on there. Also on his list are a big
> > blue Intel computer (no name on site) some old Heathkit items and many
> > others (about 85 total). his site is here:
> >
> >
> > Its a pretty interesting site, not too much information about the
> > computers but nice pictures.
> >
> Yep. But his absurd claims of 'first this, and first that' are sure
> annoying. "First modem" indeed, prototype modem indeed... Or first
> computer after the first one type arguments.. I bet this guy could make
> a Mac Plus sound like it was the first computer Apple ever made...
> -Lawrence LeMay
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