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From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 11:23:55 1999

> Whoa! Whoa! First of all I said ****PCs*****, not all computers. Second,
> my point was that ALL the current cameras except the Sonys use a cable or
> some other sort of physical connection* to upload the image to the
> computer. The upload software for a (watch it! There's that word again!)
> *PC* requires Win 95 or 98. PERIOD! If you can't or won't use W 95 then
> the disk based Sony camera is your only choice. I think it sucks that the
> manufacturers only provide Windozes 95 software and I've told several of
> them so. I looked at one camera that nor only required a program that only
> runs under Windozes 95 but it also requires that you have Micro Slouths
> Picture_It AND Micro Slouths Internet Explorer! That's &^%#$^ rediculous!

Ey, Joe, calm down. Thats not the way it is. Ok, it looks a lot
alike on the first moment, but there is more out there. Most
manufacturers include at least a Mac conectivity and often there
are second party offers for other systems.

To get this clear, I'm not talking about sub 150 USD cameras
like Mustek & Co (But even here some solutions are available).

For example, I'm using right now an Olympus Camedia 810L,
a USD 700 value, last year when I got it. Olympus is shiping
a CD with Win (3.x/9x/NT) and Mac soft, so most users are
already able to use it. Then there is for example a dealer
who even includes an Atari ST (!) connection software. Oters
are supplying Amiga versions - and even for the Unix (Linux)
Freaks there is support - so wheres the problem ?

I'm quite satisfies - just the resolution ... 2000 x someting
would be desirable...


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