VAX 11/750 Help!!!

From: VAX Man <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 13:35:06 1999


I recently acquired a VAX 11/750 with a bad power supply (sigh)...
Does anyone have schematics for the power supply (H7104-C) they would
be willing to loan/sell/give to me? I have a schematics for several
other parts that I can loan/trade for them (including the CPU boards).

Alternatly, does someone have a part number list for the 750
documentation? I have pulled what I can off of DAS, but it is pretty
slim pickings.

Finally, I am considering purchasing the MDS set on microfiche, but
I DEC isn't able to supply me with any information on what is in it,
specifically whether or not the documentation for the 11/750 that
they don't currently sell (as hardcopy) is in it or not. Or possibly
the PDP fiche set.

Anyone have suggestions? Someone posted a while ago they had a list
of documents from DEC labelled 'internal use only', could you see if
there is a part number for a 750 printset in it?


PS I am putting together a list of spare boards/documents. Anyone want
a set of VT100 printsets?
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