IBM 5051 ????

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Thu Jul 15 13:28:45 1999

Joe wrote:

> What is it? I've never heard of one before. It looks kind of like a Lisa
> but has an attched keyboard and two 8" floppy drives. See
> "". This is one of the
> things from the guy that wants to sell his entire $25K collection.
> Joe

It's essentially a PC/XT motherboard and gear in a luggable case, based on
the 8086/8088 processors (I'm sure it's 8086 but that group of XT class
machines). While not exactly hard to find, they tend to be in rough shape many
times when you do find them. Replacement drives and other parts are generally
directly useable from XT class desktops.

Russ Blakeman
Clarkson, Ky USA
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