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>Someone tell me theres a different Smithsonian museum than the famous
>one... maybe some other guy named Smithsonian, or something...
>Anyways, i'm looking at these photos from the smithsonian computers, and
>I say, hey! At least theres ONE real valuable and significant computer
>on display... and then i scroll down and the description (written
>by someone at the U of California Davis computer museum no doubt) is
>"some beige computer with a big ol' screen"...
>Heres the web page:

Keep in mind that you *aren't* looking at the Smithsonian's description
of the computers, you're looking at what some student in the CD department
at UC Davis thought the computers were, probably a month after he
visited the Smithsonian and took the pictures.

Incidentally, the last "some other computer" mentioned on the web page
is Jerry Pournelle's "Zeke", with two 8" Qume drives and a Godbout
S-100 mainframe.

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