IBM 5051 ????

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Date: Fri Jul 16 09:41:42 1999

Joe Rigdon quoted someone (probably Jim Willing) as having written:

>>On Thu, 15 Jul 1999, Joe wrote:
>>> What is it? I've never heard of one before. It looks kind of like a Lisa
>>> but has an attched keyboard and two 8" floppy drives. See
>>> "". This is one of the
>>> things from the guy that wants to sell his entire $25K collection.
>>Its commonly referred to as the System/23 "DataMaster".
> Ah! OK now I know what it is.

I'm not convinced that it is a Datamaster. The screen is too small, and the
screen bezel the wrong shape; the trim is the wrong colour (ok, maybe it's a BW
photo, but the trim on a System/23 isn't usually that dark that I know of).

And, as I said, System/23 is 5322, not 5051 or any of the other model numbers
we've been seeing here :-)

Joe also wrote:

> Geez, that idiot can't even get the model numbers right!
> Joe
> At 08:03 PM 7/15/99 -0700, Rueben wrote:
>>5051 Try 5020:

Well, the model number at the first URL (Thanks Reuben) is 5120 - so which is

I agree that the "5051" looks very like a "5120" - far more than it looks like a

So perhaps it is a 5110 derivative...


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