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> True. I thinking one thing and meaning another. What I meant to say was
> that the 640 pixels (or whatever) compared very unfavourably with the
> umber of 'pixels' on a 35mm frame. And that a medium format frame would
> have even more pixels.

Fair enough.

> The cost of a reasonable 'consumer grade' digital camera is approaching
> the cost of a second-hand medium format film camera (of a good make). I
> know which will produce better images. I also realise the advantages of
> digital cameras.

Exactly. I would say it is possible to get a good secondhand medium format
camera for less than the price of all but the yuckiest digital jobs. It depends
what you want to do with it (sometimes I wish I could afford both).

>> I think there are two independent viewpoints here. If you are taking
> True enough. As I _don't_ have a graphics display on my main computer,
> and as I use a text-based browser, I sometimes wonder about the _need_
> for digitial images on wab pages, but anyway....

Well, is there a _need_ for web pages at all? Digital images on web pages can
be useful, as Sam pointed out. And digital images - of whatever sort - for
display on a computer screen, don't need as much detail as those you would make
int oreally nice prints.

> If I ever try digital photography, it would be as a way to produce
> digital image files for subsequent digital processing and printing. Not
> for display on a normal resolution display.

Yes, I intend to try that, too. Even there there is a use for the sort of
images you get on a cheap digital camera - as a relatively small part of a
montage, for example.

>> On the subject of lines per mm, what is the resolution of a typical ccd per
>> _at the surface of the chip_?
> Hmmm... Off the top of my head, perhaps 500 (or more likely 512, but
> anyway) pixels in 1cm (so 50/mm) would be considered reasonable

I would have guessed at more than that - I thought these 1.3 megapixel ccds
(presumably 1280*1024) were quite small - not much bigger than say a 4Mbit RAM
chip die...


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