IBM 5051 ????

From: Reuben Reyes <>
Date: Fri Jul 16 12:18:45 1999

>I'm not convinced that it is a Datamaster. The screen is too small, and the
>screen bezel the wrong shape; the trim is the wrong colour (ok, maybe it's
a BW
>photo, but the trim on a System/23 isn't usually that dark that I know of).
>And, as I said, System/23 is 5322, not 5051 or any of the other model numbers
>we've been seeing here :-)
>Well, the model number at the first URL (Thanks Reuben) is 5120 - so which is
>I agree that the "5051" looks very like a "5120" - far more than it looks
like a
>So perhaps it is a 5110 derivative...

I think Philip is right, look at item number 65 (IBM) it list as a 5110-3

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