FS: Nice 486SX machines

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_biigfoot.com>
Date: Sat Jul 17 13:18:12 1999

Sorry for the sales ad people but I need to move these quick...

I just picked up a dozen Dell 425s/NP machines last night in place of
payment for work done for someone. They all work great and look like
new. Each has 4 mb ram and most have 213mb hard drives, some 120mb. A
cdrom can be installed as there is a closed off 5.25" baywhich can be
used by opening the cut out in the front bezel. They run a 486SX-25
processor and are in a very durable low profile steel desktop case. Each
has built in serial, parallel, mouse, keyboard and video ports. You use
a PS/2 style keyboard or an adapter, and use either the PS/2 style
mouse port or one of the serial ports. They each have 3 spare ISA slots
as well and a 3.5" floppy and IDE hard drive interface. All onboard
jumpers are plainly marked and onboard video can be disabled to
accomodate a separate video card. BIOS is easy to get into as well and
very easy to work with. RAM is 72 pin SIMMs. Beige in color, good

Most had DOS and Windows 3.11 and many had OS/2 originally. Win95 will
function well on them with added RAM. These would make excellent linux
boxes as well, or even a low buck machine for those odd tasks or for
the kids. Each has been tested and loaded with MSDOS boot only. Add your
own operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse for a sweet little
machine. They've been tested with both mono and color VGA monitors.

I can add one of the 2S/2P cards I have if you desire additional ports,
for $3.00 more. Will include setup docs.

I traded these for a $300 debt long overdue so $300 * 12 is $25 each.
That's what I need from each plus the shipping via USPS (insured). They
weigh roughly 22 lbs each for shipping.

Drop me a line at RHBLAKE_at_BIGFOOT.COM if interested. if I'm able to get
my video capture back in use soon I can send out clips of one of them.
I'm located in central KY (zip 42726) and if someone is nearby and would
like to pick one up they can contact me to arrange a daytime meeting.
These need to go soon so contact me quick so I can hold one for you. I
prefer to get payment by money order but personal checks are fine if you
don't mind wating an additional 8-10 days for it to clear.
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