FS: Nice 486SX machines (added info)

From: Russ Blakeman <rhblake_at_biigfoot.com>
Date: Sat Jul 17 15:55:59 1999

In addion to the original below, Dell's support site has info and pics of
these machines starting at http://support.dell.com/oti/dta/4XXSIP/index.htm
for those wishing this info.

Russ Blakeman wrote:

> Sorry for the sales ad people but I need to move these quick...
> I just picked up a dozen Dell 425s/NP machines last night in place of
> payment for work done for someone. They all work great and look like
> new. Each has 4 mb ram and most have 213mb hard drives, some 120mb. A
> cdrom can be installed as there is a closed off 5.25" baywhich can be
> used by opening the cut out in the front bezel. They run a 486SX-25
> processor and are in a very durable low profile steel desktop case. Each
> has built in serial, parallel, mouse, keyboard and video ports. You use
> a PS/2 style keyboard or an adapter, and use either the PS/2 style
> mouse port or one of the serial ports. They each have 3 spare ISA slots
> as well and a 3.5" floppy and IDE hard drive interface. All onboard
> jumpers are plainly marked and onboard video can be disabled to
> accomodate a separate video card. BIOS is easy to get into as well and
> very easy to work with. RAM is 72 pin SIMMs. Beige in color, good
> condition.
> Most had DOS and Windows 3.11 and many had OS/2 originally. Win95 will
> function well on them with added RAM. These would make excellent linux
> boxes as well, or even a low buck machine for those odd tasks or for
> the kids. Each has been tested and loaded with MSDOS boot only. Add your
> own operating system, monitor, keyboard and mouse for a sweet little
> machine. They've been tested with both mono and color VGA monitors.
> I can add one of the 2S/2P cards I have if you desire additional ports,
> for $3.00 more. Will include setup docs.
> I traded these for a $300 debt long overdue so $300 * 12 is $25 each.
> That's what I need from each plus the shipping via USPS (insured). They
> weigh roughly 22 lbs each for shipping.
> Drop me a line at RHBLAKE_at_BIGFOOT.COM if interested. if I'm able to get
> my video capture back in use soon I can send out clips of one of them.
> I'm located in central KY (zip 42726) and if someone is nearby and would
> like to pick one up they can contact me to arrange a daytime meeting.
> These need to go soon so contact me quick so I can hold one for you. I
> prefer to get payment by money order but personal checks are fine if you
> don't mind wating an additional 8-10 days for it to clear.
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