Sun3/SMD/SunOS stuff

From: Adam Fritzler <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 15:48:06 1999

Is there a good reference around that explains the details of setting up
SMD devices, specifically Fujitsu Eagles? I know nothing about them.
And this Sun3/280 here has two Eagles. One of them has a bunch of
connectors on the back (a db25+db50? for command in, the same for command
out, and then a seperate db25 'data'). The other drive (that I thought
was identical) lacks all those connectors, but has a rainbow-colored
ribbon cable coming out from underneith the back plate that splits into
two parts, one that larger db50? connector and another db25 (with a box
that is plainly labelled rs232 gender changer). This has all vastly
confused me.

I was able to boot SunOS 4.2 off the Eagle with the connectors partially.
However, the second eagle is listed in the fstab and it tries to check
them, failing miserably, and dumping me to a prompt. However, aparently
there's something else going extremely wrong as well since I can't type
anything at that # prompt (using a type 4 keyboard with a homemade adapter
to the Sun3 connector, the prom (v2.6 i think) detects it just fine as a
type 4 keyboard -- does SunOS 4.2 not support type 4 keyboards?) I know
its still running however because its still puts out an 'ie0: carrier
lost' message every few moments. Btw, I'm using a 501-1116(?) video card
in slot three, and it seems to work just fine -- I don't have a monitor
capable of using the onboard mono video.

Lets see, what else can I complain about. Oh, how much power do those
Eagles use? I've been plugging them directly into the wall (bypassing the
/280 rack's distribution panel, which uses a big (30amp?) plug that I
defintly don't have anything to plug into). Do any special considerations
need to be taken here?


PS: Anyone know where to get boot images for an NCD 17in xterm? Or know
how to troubleshoot an HP Apollo 425t that won't come up to a boot monitor
(even serial)? Maybe a reference to what all those status lights mean
would help.

  Adam Fritzler
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