Sun3/SMD/SunOS stuff

From: Bill Pechter <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 19:10:28 1999

> I was able to boot SunOS 4.2 off the Eagle with the connectors partially.
> However, the second eagle is listed in the fstab and it tries to check
> them, failing miserably, and dumping me to a prompt. However, aparently
> there's something else going extremely wrong as well since I can't type
> anything at that # prompt (using a type 4 keyboard with a homemade adapter
> to the Sun3 connector, the prom (v2.6 i think) detects it just fine as a
> type 4 keyboard -- does SunOS 4.2 not support type 4 keyboards?) I know
> its still running however because its still puts out an 'ie0: carrier
> lost' message every few moments. Btw, I'm using a 501-1116(?) video card
> in slot three, and it seems to work just fine -- I don't have a monitor
> capable of using the onboard mono video.
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Sure it's not SunOS 4.1.2. There was no SunOS 4.2. The last version
was 4.1.4. There were patches for the Sun4 or was it Sun5
keyboard in the 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 timeframe I think.

I've got the keyboard patch CD's at work.

If it's not 4.1.2 could it have been SunOS 5.2 (solaris 2.2.) or
5.4 (Solaris 2.4).

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