CDC 9766; Wang VS7110

From: John Lawson <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 20:18:59 1999

  I have been shifting *heavy* things for the last two weekends...
now stuff's Gotta Go.

    FREE!! FREE!!! FREEE!!!

  Anyone want a nice CDC 9766 Storage Module Drive with four full
and one half packs, and spares? It weighs >650 pounds and takes
220V, but it's free, and it's going to get delivered to you, a
freight company, or the Champs de Junque the next time I have to
move it. Right now its in covered outdoor storage (in my carport). I
can deliver it in SoCal if you can get it off my truck at your

  LAST CALL!!! on the Wang VS7110 system, including four Fuji 8"
drives and two Printronix band printers.. was taken out of service
and stored, I saved it from the Dumpster/Skip/Tip/Basura... but it's
looking more and more like I'm going to have to dismantle it and
heave the better part of it. I have made enquiries on the few
Wang-specific sites I have been pointed toward, but nothing so far.
It is probably 1500 pounds in three large cabinets. Delivery will be
a Factor to be considered. I have most of the docs, and more than
likely >25 terminals for it, but they are in deep storage in the
Company warehouse.. if you want the Wang, I'll dig out the

 IBM 3714 terminal control unit.. free free free.. come and get it,
it's light enough to fit in a big car or small truck. Have set-up
diskettes but no doc. Soon to be Trash....

  Somebody stop me before I SCRAP again........



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