SMD Diagnosis Tool

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Sun Jul 18 20:44:51 1999

Since SMD's have popped up again, I'm reminded of a rather large item taking up space and doing little else of use hereabouts. This thing is an SMD tester, obviously packagaged for the travelling service person, i.e. in a fairly typical sized suitcase, larger than my TEK TM535 suitcase, and really quite typical of the size of a man's suitcase. It weighs about what a typical man's 5-day case weighs, so how you get it is up to you. It's here, and it's yours if you're the first one to collect it. I saw it in the shed the other day, and haven't looked at it since, however, so I can't vouch for its functionalitiy.


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