Sun Monitor (UK)

From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 08:41:40 1999

if the monitor is one of the SONY GDM1950 types, you can adapt
a1280x1024-capable display board for use with it by means of a 500 ohm
resistor between the GREEN output and the application connector composite
blanking signal. It's not perfect, but there's a company on the west coast
of the US which sells boards made in just this way witha custom BIOS which
"sort-of" fixes the remaining issues.

Unfortunately, it requires you have another monitor for use outside the GUI,
one compatible with the DOS' 720x400, 640x400, etc. modes, etc. but these
SONY monitors are better used that way than hauled around. The only signal
connections required are the three BNC coax connections to R,G,and B, with
their respective returns on the shield.



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From: Peter Pachla <>
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Date: Monday, July 19, 1999 7:34 AM
Subject: Sun Monitor (UK)

>Having recently gotten rid of my Sun 3 series workstations I'm left with
>monitor, it's a 20" RGB unit (made by Sony I think) and was previously
>to my 3/60.
>Anyone in the UK interested in this? I'd be interested in swapping it for
>something I can use, like a colour VGA monitor (PLEASE!!!) or something
>obsolete.... :-)
>I'm located in Birmingham and due to the size of the thing I'm NOT shipping
>so it's come and collect only.
> TTFN - Pete.
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>Collector of Arcade Machines, Games Consoles & Obsolete Computers (esp DEC)
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