Sun Monitor (UK)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Mon Jul 19 15:15:03 1999

On 19 Jul 99 at 7:41, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> if the monitor is one of the SONY GDM1950 types, you can adapt
> a1280x1024-capable display board for use with it by means of a 500 ohm
> resistor between the GREEN output and the application connector composite
> blanking signal. It's not perfect, but there's a company on the west coast
> of the US which sells boards made in just this way witha custom BIOS which
> "sort-of" fixes the remaining issues.
> Unfortunately, it requires you have another monitor for use outside the GUI,
> one compatible with the DOS' 720x400, 640x400, etc. modes, etc. but these
> SONY monitors are better used that way than hauled around. The only signal
> connections required are the three BNC coax connections to R,G,and B, with
> their respective returns on the shield.
> regards,
> Dick

 Dick, could you elaborate on this a bit. I realize it is a bit OT but I have
a SuperMac rebadged 19" GDM1950 that I picked up from the curb. It has 5 BNC
connectors and displayed a dark screen when I powered it up bare, but I was
encouraged because there was static on the screen. When I connected it with the
5 BNC connectors to the adaptor I use on my NEC multi-sync 4Ds and turned it on
without a computer powered up, for one glorius moment it displayed an azure
screen which then turned "IBM-blue" and then either to jaggies or dark(can't
recall which). Since then it only displays jaggies. I hesitate getting a
fixed-freq card for it since they are quite expensive and I'm not sure it
works. As well, I use the NEC as an all purpose display with DOS, Mac, and PS2s
on a ABCD switchblock so it would only be a secondary unit.

 The big screen is enticing however and if I could use it without having to lay
out too much, since there's no guarantee that it is actually functioning, it
might be impossible to resist. I'm semi-retired, so money is an issue.
 What is the "application connector composite blanking signal" and where would
I find it. Would the V-sync and H-sync BNCs be ignored ?

 Also do you have the name of this company that has these cards ?

 I've also seen unverified info that some ATI cards work with this monitor.
Obviously you would need an adaptor but have you heard of this ? I have an
MCA ATI Mach-32 card in one of my PS2 beasts but have been reluctant to try it
with the GMD1950 because of fear of the "magic smoke" escaping . Both my Power
Mac 7100/66AV and PS2 80 have on-board video and secondary monitor abilities I

ciao larry

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