Sun Monitor (UK) (3)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 02:15:24 1999

On 19 Jul 99 at 21:02, Richard Erlacher wrote:

> The GDM1950 that I had for a couple of years required negative-going sync.
> The PC may not be generating negative-going sync, but you can bet it will
> generate negative-going composite blanking! What's more, the GDM1950 I had
> was complete with a switch which enable sync-on-green decoding, and it's
> likely this one has it too. That provides an alternative to figuring out
> how to switch the polarity of the sync the card puts out. I've never been
> particularly good at that sort of thing, hence once built a little adapter
> with XOR buffers, each of which could serve either as a buffer or as an
> inverter, depending on how its "other" input was jumpered.
 I have a couple of old multisync monitors that have this switch, as well as a
dig-analogue switch but this GDM 1950 doesn't. It would have been helpful if
the different versions of the "1950 GDM" had some consistencies or else a
sub-model #. Makes any specs you get suspect.

ciao larry

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