Sun Monitor (UK)

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 02:15:26 1999

On 20 Jul 99 at 8:56, Julian Richardson wrote:

> >> The GDM1950 that I had for a couple of years required negative-going sync.
> I'm sure it was one of these that I had hooked up to a PC at one point -
> I also had a 16" workstation monitor which was sync-on-green and for
> which I built an external module to combine the sync outputs from the
> PC. There used to be quite a few websites out there explaining how to do
> all this - I believe there may even be a Linux HOWTO document on the
> subject somewhere (I don't think I have any documentation on the subject
> these days though).
 I ran across some of these hacks when searching for info but ISTR they were
for connecting a 3 BNC connector to VGA. My NEC Multi 4Ds is lovely that way in
that it has the 5 BNC connectors as well as both the PC and Mac 15-pin VGA

> I assume if you're using a PC running some form of windows you can
> rework the graphics drivers somehow to drive the monitor properly?? It
> was easy under Linux, and these sorts of monitors were best for building
> X terminals based around old PC hardware running Linux (not something
> I've done for a while though...)

 Well if turns out that the ATI card works with it ,I might try making a Linux
box with my 8580. Some of the people on the PS2 newsgroup have done a Linux
install on MCA and I know at least one site dedicated to it.

ciao larry

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