IBM PS-2 model 90 486 available

From: Joe <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 16:31:19 1999


At 02:36 PM 7/20/99 -0500, you wrote:
>the tape is an option but has a factory style faceplate, made for certain
>models of the PS/2 line - and therefore more expensive then as well. The
>that normally gets yanked on surplus 90's is the 2 cards with clip that form
>the 2 RAM banks. as well as the SCSI drive.

   It should all still be in there. It was working and being used when
unplugged it and gave it to me. I haven't opened if but I did notice that
it has what looks like a micro SCSI connector on the back.
>What's the tpe number on the right lower fornt of the unit? It will be
>something like 8590-xxx or 9590-xxx and the xxx part denotes the processor
>other standard options from the factory.

  It's 8590-0H9. Let me know what that means.

If yyou need the URL to IBM PS/2
>harwardware manaul online (HMM) let me know and I'll post it.

  Yes. I'd like to have it.

I have a couple
>here in varying states just in case you're overwhelmed with people wanting

   I am but most of them want me to give it to them!

>Joe wrote:
>> Does anyone want an IBM PS/2 model 90 XP 486? I have one that needs a
>> home. It's supposed to work but I haven't tested it. If someone wants it,
>> I'll check it out. This one has a built-in tape drive. I don't know if
>> that's standard on the model 90 or not but it certainly looks like it came
>> from the factory that way. Trades or $$$ welcome.
>> Joe
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