SSB DOS68? Anyone? Anyone?

From: Bill Yakowenko <>
Date: Tue Jul 20 15:33:31 1999

From: (remove all x's)

I just got e-mail from a guy reviviing an old SWTPC 6800 box
with SSB disk drives. He now has the CPU working, but his old
DOS68 disks won't boot. Does anyone out there have a copy that
they would be willing to send him? If so, reply to him directly
at: (remove x's).

For that matter, I hope to be in a similar situation in a couple
weeks, except that I have the SWTPC drives and controller rather
than the SSB ones. Anybody want to send me boot disks for that?

Heck, while I'm begging, does anybody out there have Flex for
the Radio Shack Color Computer?

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