Large inventory of transputer parts for sale!!!

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 09:25:02 1999

Respond to this guy ( not me.

Transputer equipment for sale

I have the following transputer equipment for sale. First come first
served basis. I have listed the processor family for all TRAMS, though I
have a mixture of some T800, some T805 etc, various revisions and
speeds. Fastest and newest sold first. All equipment is "sold as seen"
and is in working order to the best of my knowledge. Buyer covers
delivery costs.

UKP500 1 Parsytec MegaFrame 32xT800 "SuperComputer" with some manuals
  I do not have the necessary PC add-in card or cables to hook this to a
PC hence the reason for

UKP10 each 4 of IMSB014 8 slot TRAM Motherboard with C004 Crossbar
UKP20 each 4 of IMSB008 10 slot ISA TRAM Motherboards with C004 crossbar
UKP20 each 4 of IMSB004 8 slot VME slave TRAM Motherboards with C004
UKP50 each 1 of INMOS iq Systems VME Rack
UKP10 each 1 of IMSB004 T414 ISA Evaluation card
UKP20 each 8 of IMSB426 4MByte T805 processor TRAM size 1
UKP20 each 2 of IMBB411 1MByte T800 processor TRAM size 1
UKP30 each 6 of IMSB427 8MByte T800 processor TRAM size 2
UKP20 each 8 of IMSB404 2MByte T800 processor TRAM size 2
UKP20 each 1 of IMSB404 2MByte T400 processor TRAM size 2
UKP20 each 4 of IMSB431 Ethernet TRAM size 2
UKP20 each 1 of Hunt Engineering ROM Tram size 4
UKP20 each 1 of ARM Interfaces IDE Disk interface TRAM size 2
UKP20 each 1 of Perihelion Farm Card 4xT800 (for Atari Transputer

Hope somebody can use this stuff, it would be a pity to dump it all.

Andy Lunness.

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