Large inventory of transputer parts for sale!!!

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Date: Wed Jul 21 11:36:47 1999

Tony or any of the other transputer experts...

Of the boards which onese would be good for learning/playing with

> UKP10 each 1 of IMSB004 T414 ISA Evaluation card

> UKP20 each 8 of IMSB426 4MByte T805 processor TRAM size 1
> UKP20 each 2 of IMBB411 1MByte T800 processor TRAM size 1
> UKP30 each 6 of IMSB427 8MByte T800 processor TRAM size 2

An explanation of what these are and how they migh be useful as a
"investigational tool" for transputers would help me.

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