Large inventory of transputer parts for sale!!!

From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Wed Jul 21 11:46:17 1999 wrote:

> Tony or any of the other transputer experts...
> Of the boards which onese would be good for learning/playing with
> transputers?
> > UKP10 each 1 of IMSB004 T414 ISA Evaluation card
> > UKP20 each 8 of IMSB426 4MByte T805 processor TRAM size 1
> > UKP20 each 2 of IMBB411 1MByte T800 processor TRAM size 1
> > UKP30 each 6 of IMSB427 8MByte T800 processor TRAM size 2
> An explanation of what these are and how they migh be useful as a
> "investigational tool" for transputers would help me.

If I were you, I would buy one B008 motherboard, it holds 10 size 1
TRAMS (transputer modules). Then, I would buy the IMSB426 size 1 trams
which contains 4Megs per processor. The T805 is the top-of-the-line
"classic" transputer (forget about the ST20450 and the T9000
they were failures). This would give you plenty of space to play with.
course you can fill up the whole motherboard with 10 size-1 trams
(giving you 10 processors) or use size-2 trams which take up two slots
in the motherboard. The T800 is an older fabrication of the T805 and
doesn't contain any debugging instructions like break, etc. Other than
it is pretty much the same. If you go with the IMSB427, the you can
only put
5 of these on the B008 as they are size-2 trams. 8Megs is a lot to play
and I don't think you will need that much power. The 4Meg and the 1Meg
are the best.


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