Large inventory of transputer parts for sale!!!

From: Derek Peschel <>
Date: Thu Jul 22 03:08:54 1999

Gary wrote:
> Well, I never worked with T9K processors either, but I do distinctly
> remember my awe-turned-revulsion several years ago when the reality
> of the T9K became clear. (This is visceral from memory - if you
> need details I'll have to get out my T9 books.)

> I attended two (maybe the last two) Transputer User's Group conventions,
> and in the first of these, everyone was abuzz with news of the T9s.
> But the chips were delayed and delayed and by the time of the second
> convention, many of the "ooohs" had turned into "ewww" (the sound one
> makes involuntarily when driving past a dead skunk on the highway.)

But now I'm wondering even more than before -- what exactly did you hate
about the T9 series? You've only piqued my curiosity.

> Sorry for the spillage - I love Transputers and feel they are an important
> piece of computer history in spite of their rather short "mainstream" life.

I can't speak for everybody but I think this discussion is interesting (and
on topic). The design is novel and the allure is certainly high too. Maybe
nobody else on the list has the fantasy of getting a really super-speedy
computer system (with well-documented software) but I do, and the Transputer
series sounds pretty close to that ideal.

Now if only the boards that keep popping up for sale were in the US! I get
the impression they're all in England.

-- Derek
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