NCR behemoths

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Sat Jul 24 12:24:38 1999

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>I just can't resist asking just how LARGE these systems are. One of the
>groups at work has a bunch of NCR stuff in the computer room and the stuff
>is HUGE!

        They're slightly taller than a typical full tower case, but much deeper
and skinnier. I'd be surprised if they're more than five or six inches wide
across the top.

        The interesting thing about the case design is that they have built-in
rollers at the front and back. Tilt the thing up by one of its handles, and
you can just roll it to wherever it needs to go.

>Of course those new NCR 19" racks would be pretty nice IF they weren't
>running NT. The criminal part is they made room by ripping out VAX
>Hardware :^(

        <wince> Were you at least able to rescue some or all of the VAXen stuff
before it got alley-ooped?

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