NCR behemoths

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Sat Jul 24 13:18:09 1999

>>Of course those new NCR 19" racks would be pretty nice IF they weren't
>>running NT. The criminal part is they made room by ripping out VAX
>>Hardware :^(
> <wince> Were you at least able to rescue some or all of the VAXen stuff
>before it got alley-ooped?

I wish. Everything goes to this mysterious 'Warehouse'. Employee's don't
seem to have the opportunity to get anything. Later we might see it turn
up at Wacky Willies. Needless to say, I stop in at Wackies semi-regularly.
Still I think most of the stuff that disappeared was racks of RA90's, who
knows they might have replaced it with a couple StorageWorks shelves!.

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