Sun 2/120 questions.

From: Greg Linder <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 11:35:49 1999

        I have been looking for quite a while to try and find a
framebuffer for my sun 2/120. I have everything I need for a working
system, including monitor,kb,mouse,cpu,etc etc etc but I have _no_
framebuffer! I even have OS tapes.
        The card cage and system works, as I used it with a vt100 terminal
for a while.. I couldn't get my tapes to install, though, and I am not
sure why. Anybody have any advise?
        Also, is there a good place to go for pinouts and such? I was
looking around for some pinouts, but found a hard time of finding only the
pinouts for a VGA connector. Is there a place that just has pinouts for
things that might be useful to classic people? ie- MCA bus, crazy kb
connectors on old workstations, etc etc?


                        Greg Linder
Received on Mon Jul 26 1999 - 11:35:49 BST

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