Conway's "Game of Life" ... when invented?

From: Stan Pietkiewicz <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 11:37:25 1999

A recent issue (April, 1999) of Scientific American has an article About John Conway.
The game is mentioned in the article, but the only date given is the issue (October,
1970) of Scientific American with the column that described the game. FWIW, von
Neumann is mentioned in the April, 1999 article as well.

Stan wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone knows when John Conway invented "life". The
> best I've found on the web is "1960s".
> But...I just saw a movie, "Ocean's Eleven" (starring Frank Sinatra and the
> rest of the Rat Pack) ... and I'd swear that the start of the credits looks a lot
> like a run of life (i.e., several generations of display in the cellular automata
> game) at the beginning, which then segues into pseudo-Vegas neon signs.
> The movie is credited as being in 1960.
> thanks,
> Stan Sieler
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