DEC Professional 380

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Mon Jul 26 23:05:58 1999

Yes! I finally scored a Pro380, well, actually it's a "VAX Console", but
hey, same thing right?

Question, does it use the same monitor as the DECmate and Rainbow's? I
know there was a colour and a mono version of the monitor, is do they both
work on the same computer, or do you have to match specific computers to
specific monitors? Having asked that, I should be getting the monitor in
the next few days from the person I just got the computer from.

I know it's got a RD52 in it, and I suspect it's a working system as it is
off a system that is currently being deinstalled (which is why I don't have
the monitor yet).

Yes, it's safe to assume I'm fairly clueless about Pro's.

This is so COOL!!!!


OK, I'm calmed down now.... NOT!!! :^)

Yep, I'm bouncing :^)

You'd never guess I've been wanting one of these would you? :^)

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